Sunday, November 29, 2009


Given the long history between me and my stomach, I'm not surprised that I made it through this day. The holiday called Aid al Adha, where the entire Muslim Nation slaughters sheep in sacrifice to God, was certainly a shock to my system.
I thought I had become accustomed to most things around here, but waking up this morning to the two sheep on my roof being prepared was eerie. There was a feeling in all the house of tense excitement. Visiting neighbors and good friends would remark on how it sort of felt like Christmas.
I found myself culturally interested in watching the King of Morocco cut the sheep and also the gutting of the sheep on our terrace. I did help in the clean-up process, sweeping and rinsing off the rooftop.
The iron taste in the meats was still there. We had the lungs, heart, liver, and stomach today. Fat was used to flavor everything but the stomach, which stood well enough on its own merit and texture! Right now, my eyes feel like they are drying and falling out of my head and my stomach is just turning over and over in efforts to pass the tough organs.
Mutton comes tomorrow after cous cous for lunch. I may try to be out for a large portion of the day! ;) It's a fantastic tradition, but all the same, I'm simply not accustomed to so much meat.
My good friend and neighbor Kaamilah was facing honest fear when we began eating the stomach. She had just come from a decent nap on the couch dreaming about her previous 19 years or so of virtual vegetarianism!
I leave you knowing that everything's gonna be alright. Mostapha, formerly Sam or Edna, the fish needs a change of water, but he's going strong too. Til next time.

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