Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Step into the realm of possibility and
Isn't it impossible, all the choices?
Don't ask me, cause I don't even
Wanna consider it!
I love to live fast and forget the
They told you to love like you live
Die like you lived.
Living is easy if all you do is float
Lazy rivers can sway you any way
But there is only one track
Catchin on? Catch up, grab hold.
I'll take you for a ride
Faster than you can imagine
That is how I live.
More than thought can think
That is how I sense.
It's desperate times we're living in
So I'll conform by tightening my
Grip on things like opera.
And piano...
Slower is nice when you sleep.
Rest is at my fingertips but I feel
Maddened when it won't fall into...

My hands won't play piano.
Not like I heard it played, at least.
Can I use and abuse classically?
Or should I have to then open a rose
And smell it?
Subscribing once more to a life that
Is not mine.
I don't think so...
But I can't be sure, that is the status
Quo vadis? I'm right here,
But wish I were there, like him
So let me sidle on over, don't mind me.
Fake lies aren't even real untruths
So get it straight
If that sounds like an attitude, it is.
Abrasive gets the job done, but won't change.
Better to massage and coax
Soften up, then release.

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