Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dreams of Adventure

I dream that my host mother wants me to pay for something she bought. So suddenly, I am in Ellport, Pennsylvania using a tape measure to mark a line 11 and 1/4 inches from the end of a fence which isn't there on the sidewalk beyond Patrick's Restaurant, which has been closed for round 15 years.
So then a man is telling me to paint it white. I walk to Patrick's to get the paint, supposedly, but I come across my ex-girlfriend and her mom, who are throwing bouncy balls around. I kick one or two back and we share some words, after which I enter the restaurant. Inside I find my colleague having a painfully plain meal. She tells me of her circumstances and general discontent. I give her a hug and shed a tear. Then my best friend comes up the aisle and wonders what I am doing at home. Then it occurs to me; I'm not really home, I'm dreaming. So I turn to my right and my cousin, my mother, and my mother's best friend are enjoying a meal together. I approach their table and tell them how weird it is to be there in spirit but not in body.
My mom then tries handing me a lit candle to blow out (almost as if it were my birthday). Instead I put it aside and try explaining my former comment. My mother's best friend proceeds to enlighten me to the fact that my current dilemma is the hardiest debate over the existence of God. (Here, the number 7 is prevalent in the dream in a very ambiguous manner) And then I mean to leave the restaurant, but I find another candle. I motion for my mom and show her that I cannot blow it out. After several tries though, the candle goes out, whether of its own accord or with outside help can't be determined.

What lucidness?! Donnie Darko anyone?

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