Tuesday, November 3, 2009


You can't build your house such that it will be taller than the nearest mosque in Morocco, or all of the Muslim world as far as I know for that matter.
I just realized this small bit of culture in America that revealed itself through language. It's that we say, "How much time did it cost you?" This is indicative of our belief that the time "spent" was used or wasted, or exchanged for a good or product. There is not simply acceptance of the circumstances.
All of the construction projects in Rabat are making decent and promising progress. The tramway is supposed to open in December, the building across from school is springing up, and I'm always seeing guys working on the new bridge/marina project, finally the crane is swinging around over the tunnel to be built under l'Oudaya.

Traveling starts ASAP, no matter what.

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