Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In Fez since around 1 o'clock...
We had our way with the medina. At first alone, buying sunglasses and bags. My friend got a free bag from bag man Mostapha. We see here a face of Morocco that is open, enterprising, modest but bold, very old(but so new to us!), charming and forewarning, all simultaneously. We were invited to couscous by a vendor who knew us for approximately sixty seconds. We bypassed a tour from Mustapha, a Hotel Cascade employee, initially. Then after our wandering, random, self-"guided" tour through, we met him on accident near the Bab Boujeloud and sat for tea together. This started the enjoyable culmination of our day where we met others and discussed the most interesting of topics.
The tanneries were a sight, and a smell!, to be acknowledged. The Fesi medina is the largest carfree urban area in the world and is home to Africa's oldest university. These were topics discussed over tea, tabac(extreme sinus opener), and shisha. The medina is a living thing itself; watched from afar, i bet you could see the sways and breaths and frustrations and oneness of it all.
Also premiering here, was a center so devout as this. You feel pure in Fez, the islamic hub of Morocco.

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