Monday, November 16, 2009

Marrakech aftermath

On a passé le weekend a Marrakech. Fia j3e!
I've never seen such people in such a market! Jemaa El Fna was BA enough to give you dreams. The lighting in that square is phenomenal thanks to the smoke pluming up high into the night's heavens. From one of the many rooftop cafés, one would say the ascension is like an escalator in a mall of wonders! HAHA.
Yeah sure, beware guys following you through the medina. This is becoming as common sensical to me as stepping around a raging fire. You avoid that which makes you uncomfortable. Be sure to go out of your comfort zone though, when you see cats eating the stray heads of chickens or if there is a monkey on your shoulder!
Don't forget the inevitable charm of Marrakesh's rich history and it's oh-so-calm riads(bed & breakfasts). One hidden gem I got wind of was near the Palace Bahia. A half Moroccan-half Italian man named Younness owns this tranquil, well-kept, beautiful and blessed riad and can put all your worries at ease. We simply knocked on his door to see if we could find a guide, but it turns out we made a friend that I personally hope never to lose. He made us the hospitable Moroccan green tea and called a friend of his to give us a guide of the monuments. Younness has been the world over, seemingly; with plans to go to Madagascar in the making.
Simohammed, our new-found guide, had acquired a British accent from time spent in London. He also happened to have a motorbike accident the morning of our proposed meeting. What he did is indicative of the kind of person Younness is and the company he keeps. Simohammed called a friend of his and sent him on forward to our meeting and said only, "I have something important to take care of, I'm so sorry I can't come." He disregarded himself and gave us the help we needed.

I can only say that I am glad to have been in great company during this fantastical weekend and to have known some locals who genuinely care about their fellow man(as can be found so rarely around this Big Blue Marble((earth)))

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