Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Summer Dream

I dreamt last night of a lopsided park in an uneven city with what I first imagined to be a cloudy swath of stars hovering above it. On second glance, it became clear that this "swath" was indeed a domed canopy of a repeating, mesmerizing pattern, which enveloped the whole place. I pleaded with the friends who accompanied me in this strange, dark venue to look at the foreign heavens, but they were much too preoccupied with packing a pipe to do so. The main offender(possessing and consuming the drugs) was ignored by the initial pair of policemen with their drug dogs, which baffled me. The third sniffer, though, found us out. I hadn't smoked a thing; just in mere bewilderment, unfortunately this didn't stop the Pincer from rounding on me and snapping at my face. The hound was restrained lazily by the cop. Its bark was mean and too loud for comfort.

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