Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Mega Mall

Like people seen on the beach from a plane
My thoughts are small as ants
From a letter to a sound
To the look on a face

I can't maintain
I gotta cut back or it'll be sensory overload
With every need fulfilled, where do I turn?
It's all nuances and it all matters

So that my eyes don't turn to dust
I ought to wear the right hat
Hope I can fly like a
Only bothered by the big swings

Reserve the electricity
Just around the bend is a delicious morsel
Take your fill, retire soon
Come back again

Warnings of temptation my
Threat a positive test
For suicide, but
If multi-tasking is the solution: then I'm the ocean.

fluid strokes sometimes mend the whole fence
dreamy mallow puff clouds you can almost taste
turn over, rocks bigger than your head
can be confusing

youth is velocity gone wrong

without a haunting there's no manifestation
and it can hurt to wait on standby
change instead and chip away
buy stock in thoughts smaller than ants

j'ai dansé, tu as dansé, on a dansé
move your body like it's on the wire
chant and breathe like maybe this is it
slap and clap a rhythym: important heard

kount your kookies before they kook
kourse you kould kount a koop a kooks
but that sounds kwizical

it takes a dozen muscles to smile
a taxi might be 20 or 100 dirham
three valves make a million tones
three lanes drive me crazy all for naught to bowl

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