Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Summer always ends too soon
but that boon and crack can swoon
It puts the architecture in deep relief
and the dust clears
Makes it easier to sleep
despite the drip
Old October was November now September
come full turn still formless
Lenses turn every few yards
tame and peaceful frames
Suits can be comfortable
even under stress with shade
We need a match
construction will allow
Smell commercial ware
beets bleed precious cargo
Suits return at a cheap price
vivid violet visits
Funneling interests drip
soon to be eaten
A word of wisdom
hear trade foreign words
Hungry eyes watch the pistons
greased gate not well-groomed
You're invited to take a new angle
not the end of history
Always one faces the east
it's not only a mirage
3-D glasses prove it's there
a faint breeze takes it all away

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