Thursday, December 10, 2009

Komsomida Qimchi Brothers

I wanna share a story with you that I found pretty cool.
I'm here in Morocco, studying abroad and what not, and living in this big house the floor below me are two young Korean men, Andy and Jake for comfort's sake. We were in the process of throwing one of them a birthday party, when suddenly I was feeling very thankful. Thanksgiving was indeed approaching and it dawned on me that I could share some tremendous music with these fellows while thanking them simultaneously.
So I jetted upstairs to grab my laptop and jetted back downstairs to play your song Komsomida from The Bruce Lee Band S/T album. They were so inspired by the tune, they actually let their emotions show and burst into laughter and smiles. We then spoke some broken French and English to get the point across that there was more to share!
Andy and Jake have been good brothers to me during my time here. They've let me in on their movie-downloading ring and I've enjoyed several as-yet unrealeased motion pictures. I've even tasted the spicy Kimchi dish! Simply delicious!

Anywho, I hope you won't be working terribly hard through the holiday season and that the time is filled with joy for you and your family. I'm off!

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  1. hey, it's always good to read your stuff and keep abreast of your current reality. keep up the good work. I'm sure we'll hear more stories from Turkey.