Monday, August 13, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ungroomed

Wandering around my little block of juggernaut apartment buildings, I began noticing that nearly all the men in the area of  Başakşehir have grown themselves nice little mustaches.  In Turkey, it's not out of the ordinary to see a man walking around with the weight of the world on his upper lip.

My curiosity sparked, I decided to ask around for differing opinions on my beard/mustache combo.  I've got something of an anomaly when it comes to the hair gracing mine own upper lip. Certainly not to be classified as a dirt lip, and never having shown enough fortitude to classify among the ranks of full-fledged mustaches, these hairs vary in color ranging from sun-kissed blonde to gingerbread red.
It turns out, my barber quite enjoys the shapeliness and depth of my facial hair. An initial inquiry led to a subsequent conversation nigh on 2 hours about whether or not I had gone to America or could find this man a girlfriend.  We may have arranged an informal language exchange as well as he speaks (Syrian) Arabic and wants to learn English.
Did you know, the shape of a man's mustache may give you insight towards his political alignment
political leanings?
Who gives a damn really?  Just rock your stache!

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