Saturday, August 18, 2012

Discovery of Faith

DISCLAIMER: Most poems that I post are meant to be performance pieces; that is, if you read them aloud they're probably going to be even deadlier cool. Thanks for reading everyone, and feel free to share!

What a scene to walk in on;
she slides the sheets up over her quivering lips
to cover that tell-tale gap between her teeth.
She's been lying with what NASA calls
Entry.Descent.Landing. to rove the
red planet that is her stain on the satin
rocks of the moon. She'll thank her
lucky stars that it was me, transplant expat,
not a hooded ninja of religion, to lay eyes.

I won't lambaste her over the lack of real
evidence of the shower she may have taken.
Innocent until proven just what she is;
trapped here in the sphere of our collective interest.

Never given leave from insomniac excuses
to come back down to Earth; meteors
fall softer than darkness or silence
in this city.  Drummers beat a trail
of true believers into salutation of one last
predawn nourishment found in the
manifold fanfare of a deity with a
prophet preaching dedication. Like her
bowing so faithfully to the daylight,
they do five times what some never feign.
Submitting her cosmic show to the empty plates
of the poor, she promises a fifth of
her humble industries in charitable giving.

So I won't tell what I've seen here tonight,
because she's sated my sectarian stomach.

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