Sunday, November 27, 2011

Migration in Effect

It's so hard to believe a whole month has gone by since my last post.  Well, I guess I should get started updating you on the craziness this past month, and week, have entailed.  I'm finally on my way to getting some very interesting private lessons set up with a wide range of potential clients.  Firstly, a school has interviewed me for doing exam-oriented lessons on weekends.  This would obviously be a very new experience, but I'm not sure I wanna go off the diving board and give up the free time of my wonderfully relaxing Saturdays just yet. Lastly, I happened to meet a man at the bar last week who was a student in a college in suburban Philadelphia back in the 80's.  He now manages a translation company and was on the "look-out" when we met for someone to do in-house lessons for one of the companies he works mostly online with.  This could also prove to be quite intriguing, depending on what sort of package and timeline they are looking for.

As always, I can't leave you without some of the creative writing I've had flowing lately.

I become familiar with the synthetics
which wrap the stench up close and personal.
So close, they hurry to disembark
this train with unnamed illnesses.
With anxiety this train belches forth
through its raw pincers
Some substance sparing itself a glance
of a neighbor, never seen.
Never heard that dead feather
wasting time on my balcony.
Until only yesterday, remembering
new experiences, closing in on an open pass.
I much prefer an uneven suede
to a flow of forgetful faces
Wrinkled, not rancled.

The deepest crease in the chorus of home
might remind me to sing its praises.
That follicle once filled a void,
but is in my possession now.

There's probably more to this, but I haven't gone through much editing at all with it yet. Enjoy!

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